Activision Responds to Call of Duty Lawsuit, Dismisses Claims as 'Meritless'

Fresh off word that the recently departed co-founders of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward had sued owner Activision over royalties and brand rights, the video gaming giant has issued an official statement on the matter:
Activision is disappointed that Mr. Zampella and Mr. West have chosen to file a lawsuit, and believes their claims are meritless. Over eight years, Activision shareholders provided these executives with the capital they needed to start Infinity Ward, as well as the financial support, resources and creative independence that helped them flourish and achieve enormous professional success and personal wealth.

In return, Activision legitimately expected them to honor their obligations to Activision, just like any other executives who hold positions of trust in the company. While the company showed enormous patience, it firmly believes that its decision was justified based on their course of conduct and actions. Activision remains committed to the Call of Duty franchise, which it owns, and will continue to produce exciting and innovative games for its millions of fans.

With Call of Duty: Modern Wafare 2 having now grossed well over one billion dollars, the stakes are high, especially considering Activision's reliance on the franchise.