Just Cause 2 PC Trailer Reveals PC-Only Effects, Demo Hits All Platforms Today

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 04, 2010 11:00am PST Avalanche has released a new Just Cause 2 trailer showing off some of the swish graphical effects awaiting PC gamers--some exclusive to owners of Nvidia video cards.

In case you had forgotten, the thirty-five square mile demo of the stunt-happy open-world shooter was released today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is likewise now available on PC via Steam. The full game hits North America on March 23.

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  • Played the demo last night.

    It was amusing and all, but the gun damage was unsatisfying. I guess they can be upgraded, but it felt like I was shooting a guy in the face with a dozen bullets before he actually died.

    The parachute mobility thing is neat. It does kinda fill up the screen though.

    It's nice running around in a huge playground full of shit to blow up, but it seemed terribly lonely without someone else along for the ride. Co-op would've made this a definite buy for me; without that, it's more of a "wait for it to go on sale" kinda thing.

    Overall it's a real missed opportunity.

  • The controls take some getting used to, but thats partly down to there being quite a few rather than one key doing everything (including getting you killed) like in other console games.

    Runs very well on my older quadcore (2.6ghz) with a 5770 and most settings on high/max.

    And dear god is the game area massive. The area you are limited to is pretty big, theres enough to do and blow up, but if you climb to the top of the radio mas near the starting area you can see just how stupidly large the full game will be. Looks gorgeous, too, though haze is a bit annoying at night (not sure if that can be turned off).

    It may turn out to be another crackdown, though. What little I saw of the story was wonky (the acting is pretty sub-par, to the point of wanting to mute the woman) but the bits you do get are probably just minor characters.

    Attack choppers have dual miniguns that dont seem to overheat. Its like firing the blackhawk on full auto constantly in bf2, but more satisfying. Lots of fun just gunning down anything on a road.