EA Lays Off Boom Blox Staff

By Chris Faylor, Mar 03, 2010 10:30am PST Electronic Arts has laid off members of the development team responsible for Steven Spielberg's block-knocker series Boom Blox, though it appears that the team's last project--a Project Natal title--may live on at Harry Potter developer EA Bright Light.

"The Boom Blox team was laid off today," now-former Electronic Arts Los Angeles senior software engineer Jeff Dixon wrote on LinkedIn, as noted by Blue's News. When reached for details, Dixon told the site that a total of fourteen employees had been cut.

Boom Blox and its follow-up Bash Party

The team had been working on an unannounced game--based off Dixon's LinkedIn, apparently "an original IP franchise"--centered around the Xbox 360's upcoming Project Natal add-on. That game may very well still be alive, as Electronic Arts told Kotaku "a small project has been moved from EA Los Angeles, to the EA Bright Light Studio."

The company described the transfer as a "routine event," explaining that "moving projects to leverage development strengths is common in global studio organizations" and vowing that "all eligible employees will receive severance and outplacement assistance."

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  • I would call this an unfortunate outcome of the Wii getting swamped by god awful crappy gimmicky games. This game is however not one of them.
    But damn me, I bought this for my sons, (almost) the only game outside Nintendo in-house titles, and they really liked it, yet when i try to get other friends to get it they just refuse, because *everyone* of them has been burnt by a crap piece of shit games for +$60. They only buy such games once or twice. Now its only in house titles they buy, because they are he only ones seems to be worth a damn.
    They *really* jumped the shark with game quality on 3rd party Wii games. Personally I would only buy another one of it came highly recommended by Shack peers, witch btw I think was the reason for buying boomblox.
    Wii a platform for *only* nintendo games.