Evening Reading: Digital Distribution and You!

Portal 2 evidence?

As I sit and wait for Steam to finally go live with the pre-load for Battlefield: Bad Company 2--it might be live by the time you read this--my thoughts turn to how much PC gaming has changed for me since digital distribution became more prevalent. As consoles become more profitable and retail stores began cutting back on shelf space for PC games, it was harder to snag a new game on release day (without pre-ordering).

Now, I can purchase a game and pre-load it so that the moment it is released, I get access. I've seen a few users complain about "not owning" these digital games or express concerns about their digital library if any of these digital services go under. All valid concerns, but I'll blindly trust my digital overlords for the convenience.

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Tonight's Game of the Evening is:

Homeworld - "Probably the most atmospheric RTS ever made. For such a simple story, it managed to make a lot of people turn into big sissies on the 3rd mission. One of the last games to have a real manual, too." (Beady)

I too miss manuals! Especially now that all of my PC games are digital and console game manuals are barely three pages long.

Here are some videogame stories from today:

Also, StarCraft II vortex nukes! (Thanks, Felraier)

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