Gravity Bone Dev's Space Strategy 'Flotilla' Released

BOOM widget 94609 Indie developer and Gravity Bone creator Blendo Games has released its latest title 'Flotilla,' a space-faring turn-based strategy with a 57MB demo available from FileShack.

Set in fully-3D space with 360 degrees of movement, Flotilla is an enjoyable game of crafty positioning to take advantage of enemies' weak spots, as Blendo maestro Brendon Chung explains in the trailer below.

Players' "adventures" take place in a randomly-arranged universe with missions that'll see them crossing paths with such oddities as rasta feline cosmonaut outlaws while acquiring upgrades and expanding their flotilla, all accompanied by classical piano.

Flotilla can be bought direct from Blendo for a mere $10. A downloadable Xbox 360 version is also in the works.

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