Evening Reading: RTS Madness!

By Brian Leahy, Feb 25, 2010 5:00pm PST

Every once and a while, there seems to be a rush of games in a particular genre. Right now, the RTS is hot news, mister. Blizzard launched the beta for StarCraft II, EA's Command & Conquer 4 is also in beta, Supreme Commander 2 hits next week, and the first Dawn of War II expansion pack, Chaos Rising, drops the week after. It's the season for real-time strategy.

All of these titles have different gameplay systems and offer unique experiences. RTS gamers tend to get extremely focused on one game at a time, much like FPS players. It's a sad trend that makes a small genre even smaller. I wish the teams behind the non-Blizzard game all the luck in the world. It's still just in beta, right? How about a Game of the Evening?

Savage: The Battle for Newerth - "Savage was one of the rare attempts at RTS/FPS fusion. The incredible thing is that the gameplay worked, it was stable, it was fast and fun. More incredible is it somehow managed to be not as popular as it deserved to be. The FPS portion included multiple classes while the RTS commander gave orders, built units, and assigned buildings to be built. Each team supported up to 128 players." (LoioshDwaggie)

Daily required reading, Video Games 101:

Finally, I've spent way too much time today putting random phrases into TranslationParty, which translates from English to Japanese to English to Japanese and so on. Tip: StarCraft-related sentences are particularly amusing. Or this.

Oh, and the last ever (probably not) Day of Defeat: Source Shackbattle is tonight. So go play it with Shackers one last time!

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  • Anyone help me with audio/guitar recording?

    Okay, I recently got Windows 7 on my new PC. Up until then I've been using Windows XP, and I was using it to record my guitar using amplitube and other guitar moddeling software. My set up was always this.

    Guitar connected to amp, amp connected to the microphone jack on my PC. For the longest time, I was using the Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard. It worked perfectly.

    So I got Windows 7, and it won't work the same way. I know this is stupid, but I was fiddling around and actually got it to work, plugged into the microphone jack (i think) of the onboard HD audio. After that I had to reinstall windows onto a new hard drive.

    So I've been going crazy trying to get this to work. I've tried plugging it into the microphone and line in. It seems to recognize that it's there, but it's not picking up any sound (the green bars dont move, although sometimes they just have 2 bars full and nothing happens).

    All my drivers are updated, and I've tried disabling one and the other. The properties of the microphone are set to full boost and what not. I'm seriously lost as to how I got it working in the first place, as I'm sure I've recreated what I did previously.