Supreme Commander 2 Pre-Loading Begins on Steam

By Brian Leahy, Feb 25, 2010 5:30pm PST Valve have announced that Gas Powered Games and Square-Enix's Supreme Commander 2 is now available for pre-loading ahead of the strategy game's March 2, 2010 release date. A demo of the game was released on Steam yesterday along with confirmation that the game will utilize Steamworks for DRM.

Gas Powered Games have released two new trailers, showing off some more experimental units. First up, the Noah Unit Cannon:

Next, we have the Universal Colossus:

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  • Well, I've played the demo...

    Ok, it's not Supcom, other then the names of the factions.
    To address some whiner forum posters...
    It IS prettier then Supcom! I'm not sure why people are complaining aboutn such a minor aspect in a game that you spend most of the time zoomed out! As far sa I can see, the game looks better then SupCom, expecially the overall terrain and level designs, how you can fail to appreciate this giant asthetic leap is beyond me, have you forgotten the silly "here's the edge of the map" from SC?
    IT does play well, things flow and ebb like a good RTS should.
    The ability to over-stretch your eco and go into deficit was an interesting design decision for SC, but I won't miss it. It isa dumbed down eco, but my GOD the upgrades are were your strategy will be.
    There are 5 areas for upgrades (land, air, naval, ACU, and umm, another one) each area has three branches, each branch requires some pre-requisites from the current and sometimes the adjacent branches (think Diablo 2 skill trees).
    You can get upgrades points by building research units, inflicting damage on your enemy, and by destroying a particular structure.
    THIS, therefore is one of the areas were strategy and tactics will lie. The depth of this process replaces the depth of the economy, and I think that's better. I'd rather win/lose a battle because of a poorer upgrade strategy then becuase someone stuffed up the build order, and crashed their economy...
    The experimental units are more like FA, not so uber, but you can field them fairly easily. I WILL miss the Monkeylord's Melto Beam of Death, but I guess they could appear as downloadable units.
    The demo is a few missions from the single player campaign, and I never bothered with that aspect in Supcom, it's hard to judge the multiplayer in a few canned missions. One thing, the dialogue is some of the cheasiest, crappiest, cartoonish garbage I've ever heard.

    What this game will come down to is this: Is it fun? Is it balanced, and will i enjoy playing it...the answer so far is..yes, except the balance thingy, that we won't know about for a while yet. I can already see that the ground shield units are too tough en masse with all those overlapping shields...but time will tell...

    In othe words, stop comparing it to SupCom, and play it on it's own merits, once you get used to the deep strategy that is on offer from the tech-tree upgrade options, the "normal" RTS aspects of land grabbing vs turtling, the choices of building research units, or focusing on combat instead to generate research points... seriously, if you can't see how deep this game is, just because you can't Queue up a bazillion PD units anymore, well, you just fail...

    Fundamentally, Supcom, and FA both failed in the market, FA was in bargain bins a fortnight after release, the result is that aprt from the hard-core fans, no-one plays them anymore.
    I played SupCom and FA for 2 years, every day, both with friends and random guys on GPGNet. So I know the old game, and loved it, BUT I do not want ANOTHER GPG game to die because no-one could get into the eco-model. Like Starcraft, the game will let casual players in easily, then surprise them with the depth of the strategies on offer.

    Cue: Shack whiners who defy common-sense, judge a game on a demo, and insult anyone who disagrees.

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