Morning Discussion

by Alice O'Connor, Feb 26, 2010 5:00am PST

Ah, Liverpool! Breakfast with Paul McCartney, brunch with Ringo Starr and a violent stabbing for elevenses. It's all so much fun that I don't have time to do any Shackwork this morning, so hang in there until Brian and the gang arrive.

Hey, who wants to name a new squid genus?

  • Chrome menz

    I'm trying to switch again from FF and a couple things are really bugging me, wondering if there's solutions?

    1. The main one: my cookies for site/forum logins don't seem to work as far as keeping me logged into things. I'll come back after using anything (the Shack, the customer support portal I manage etc) and the site is totally reset, I have to reenter my user/pass, check the remember me box again etc) Anyone know why it's doing this? With FF it would keep me logged into stuff like this basically indefinitely.

    2. Is there any way to search a specific site akin to how FF's dedicated search box works? Like say I want to search Youtube or directly instead of Google.

    3. Anyone know of a way to remove the icons next to bookmarks on the Bookmark Toolbar? I used a Mac theme in FF that had just text buttons with no icons and I'd like it to be this way in Chrome too if that's possible.