Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Hit iPhone, iPod Touch

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 25, 2010 7:00am PST

The prettied-up iPhone and iPod Touch versions of Square's classic RPGs Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II have arrived today on iTunes.

The pair are priced at $8.99 apiece and weigh in at 72MB and 143MB respectively.

To celebrate the launch, Square Enix is offering discounts on Crystal Defenders, Vanguard Storm, Hills and Rivers Remain, Sliding Heroes and Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes - Encore on iTunes until March 3.

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  • The controls can be a bit frustrating. There's only North, South, East, & West (no diagonal, of course). You can slide your finger from one to the other but there's a big 'dead zone' where your character won't move until you're right over the arrow. Overshooting a turn again and again can get tiresome, but I guess mistakes will go away with practice.

    It's a little frustrating, but the game itself looks great. It's perfect for the iphone. Some of the graphics have been re-done, like the character models and the monster models, and the backdrops for the fight scenes. Looks nice!

    Neck strain from looking down, or arm strain from holding it up to your face, can and will be a problem. This is a fairly in-depth game for the iphone, and the iphone wasn't made with good controls or comfort.

    All in all, awesome little programs -- can't wait to get FF3! Or even FFVII. The 3GS can certainly play FFVII with the right optimizations.