Command & Conquer 4 'Multiplayer' Trailer Explains Class-Swapping and Node-Holding

A new developer diary for Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight has come out of publisher Electronic Arts, in which some of the makers from developer EALA talk about the game's new take on multiplayer and co-operative play.

BOOM video 4141

The development team talks about the real-time-strategy game's Domination mode, wherein players will need to capture and hold various control nodes across each map in order to accumulate points. Of course, reducing your enemies to chunks of scrap metal is also a perfectly acceptable point-gathering activity.

The game's new class-based system also encourages co-operating players to choose different (yet complimentary) suites of units for both co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes. Each player has the ability to "respawn" and switch to a different class at any time, which encourages players to try the different options and abilities of each selection, without locking them into a potentially regrettable decision. Mission objectives are unaffected by player class, though each selection of units will need to use different tactics in order to achieve the same goal.

Command & Conquer 4 comes out exclusively for the PC on March 16.