TV Station Sim 'M.U.D. TV' Demo Offers World Media Domination Through Television Mind Control

[UPDATE: Publisher Kalypso Media asked that we remove the demo temporarily because it lacks the required ESRB rating info. Sorry for that. They promise an updated version will be available before the end of the week. -ed.]

"Fed up with the same formulaic TV sitcoms?" asks M.U.D. TV developer Realmforge. "Is reality TV beyond real? Think you can do a better job?" Thanks to a 318MB demo now available over on FileShack, you can try being a hot-shot television executive.

As the trailer explains, M.U.D. TV involves managing a television network, producing your own content and trying to take over viewer's minds while besting rivals with superior programming and dirty tricks. The demo packs the tutorial and first two campaign missions, while the full version will also offer competitive and co-op online modes.

M.U.D. TV is slated for release on PC in March, published by Realforge owner Kalypso.

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