Evening Reading: A New Warrior Enters The Ring

As advertised, I will be taking over the nightly ER duties from Garnett Lee. I haven't yet decided exactly what I want to use the space for, but tonight I'll take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I've been a Shacker, well lurker, since 1999. I finally registered in 2004 while I was still in college and eventually ended up getting a job at G4TV.com in 2007. The opportunity to work on Shacknews.com came about and I, thankfully, landed the job. I couldn't be happier to join the team and look forward to contributing regularly to the site's content.

If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see (or see return) to Evening Reading, just drop it in the comments or send me a Shackmessage.

Also, if you use that Twitter-thing, you can follow me here. I promise it isn't just a bunch of tweets about going to the bathroom or what I'm having for dinner (lasagna).

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