Evening Reading: A Brian Appears

By Garnett Lee, Feb 19, 2010 6:00pm PST On Monday we'll have a new face here. Brian Leahy is joining the Shack team as our West Coast Editor. He's been working over at G4TV.com the past few years where he did a great job and he claims to have been lurking around here for the better part of a decade (we checked; his user name goes back to 2004). With Brian's arrival you'll be seeing more out of the Shack in the coming weeks. Along with beefing up our daily news feed, he'll also be the new master of Evening Reading.

Yep, that's right, starting on Monday this space will be his. Now he swears as a long-time Shacker that he won't be doing the wall-o-text. I guess we'll see. As for me, my op-ed will move to its permanent home as the weekly Videogames.G.Lee column. And there are many plans in the works. You've seen the beginnings of our review program, which will be one of the first things I focus more on. There are a couple other things in the works that I'll be able to share very soon, too.

Tough as it's been coming up with something to say five days a week I have to say I've really grown to enjoy doing Evening Reading. I'll miss it. Guess that's what the comments are for though, huh?

  • I cannot get this Blackmagic HDMI capture card to work in my dual G5 mac. Maybe even 10+ hours on the phone with them, not working.

    Does anyone know a good HDMI capture card that is work a damn? I want to capture some of these sweet replays from X360 and PS3 off this HDMI splitter and it's driving me up a wall.

    I swear to Gemma Atkinson, I am about to buy an 8 core Mac Pro throw $1000 after building an i7 PC or Hackintosh with Blackmagic's recommendations solely for the purpose of getting this card to fucking work. What a snow job.

    Why can't things just fucking work? It is a mystery