Epic Mickey Could Wind Up on Platforms Other Than Wii

In a post-keynote interview yesterday at the DICE 2010 Summit, editorial outlet Gamasutra caught up for a group interview with Disney executives Steve Wadsworth and colleague Graham Hopper. The duo discussed, among other things, the decision to make Epic Mickey a Nintendo Wii-exclusive.


Hopper's initial explanation for choosing the Wii makes obvious sense. He notes that Epic Mickey's core ink-and-paint game mechanics seemed the most natural fit for the Wii's motion-controls when development of the title began. He then qualified that had Epic Mickey's development begun six months ago, after the announcements of the hands-free Natal peripheral for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3's motion controller, things might have been different.

Wadsworth seemed to echo this sentiment. While recognizing the potential audience for Epic Mickey is quite significant on the Wii, he still managed to keep the door ajar for other platform possibilities, admitting, "That's not to say that we won't go to other platforms [in the future]."

Future platform speculation aside, the Warren-Spector-helmed Epic Mickey is due out sometime this fall, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.