OnLive Running Smoothly in Demo at DICE

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 18, 2010 6:30pm PST OnLive, the upcoming cloud-based games-on-demand service that will supposedly allow subscribers to stream and play high-end games on modest PC configurations, was demonstrated at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas today.

According to a report by Dean Takahashi on GamesBeat, OnLive founder Steve Perlman demonstrated the service at DICE with COO Mike McGarvey using a cable modem connection to show how the service handled some unnamed "high-speed shooting games," as well as Unreal Tournament and Burnout Paradise. Takahashi asserts that the demos were glitch-free, and should take the wind out of the sails of skeptics who've claimed that OnLive couldn't possibly work as well as intended.

In one of the more shocking bits of Takahashi's report, he noted that the OnLive team also demonstrated how iPhone users could even play the graphically-intensive shooter Crysis on the service, live and in real-time.

In OnLive's curent state, standard definition games would require a 1 megabit per second connection, whereas high-definition titles would need a 5-megabit per second connection to play properly. Perlman went on to claim that about twenty-six percent of broadband users currently have connections faster than 5-megabits, and that seventy-one percent currently have 2-megabit per second connections.

Perlman also mentioned that the server hosting the games demonstrated in Las Vegas was located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and that he expects that OnLive will be able to blanket the country in service using only five data centers that would need to be updated every six months.

OnLive is still being tested in a closed beta that launched back in September of last year.

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  • I notice lag in wireless mice. There's no way this would ever realistically work for me.

    That doesn't mean it can't work for the masses, but the business model doesn't make much sense to me. Their target market seems to fit these characteristics:

    -Semi-serious gamer
    -Doesn't notice input lag
    -Not enough money for a console or PC
    -Enough money to afford monthly fee + games

    Wow, it seems like they could literally gross... hundreds of dollars a month. Now factor in the hardware cost to support each active client, the bandwidth cost, the need for localized data centers to get into new markets... I mean, they must have something super special up their sleeve to have gotten funding from investors.

    So, we'll see, but it seems like a pipe dream from the dot com era. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see the company taken down in an embezzlement scheme.

  • Welcome OnLive players and congratulations. For everyone else you will just be standing around and moving every 150 - 300ms. In the FPS world this is called "lagging around". Because of this you will often be a victim even compared to the noobiest of noobs.

    Some simple rules:
    - Circle-strafing is not cheating
    - Running up to you and knifing you is not cheating
    - Leading shots is not cheating
    - Strafing like crazy is not cheating
    - Being a LPB is not cheating
    - Grenade and Rocketjumps as well as Grenade-Rocketjumps are magic to you (and not cheating)