Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer: Sam Seeks Revenge

Revenge, face punching, head kicking, hand stabbing, kneecapping -- the new single-player story trailer for Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction reminds us to stay on super-spy Sam Fisher's good side...or what's left of it.

The blockbuster-movie-style teaser gives a good tease of the game's main storyline, replete with explosions, spy gadgetry, and violent close-combat take-downs. My favorite bit? A nice visual metaphor wherein Mr. Fisher kicks a bad guy through a glass balcony who grasps at an American flag as he plummets to the ground.

Splinter Cell: Conviction hits Xbox 360 and PC on April 13, sending Sam on a stealth-action mission to solve and avenge the murder of his daughter. Who knows; he might even get around to saving the President, too.

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