Former 'Black' Designer Leading Team for New Codemasters Shooter

In a press release promoting the expansion of its Guildford studio, Codemasters revealed that the team there is working on a new original shooter. The project is led by creative director Stuart Black who was designer and co-creator of Black when he worked at the also Guildford-based Criterion Games. After Black released in 2006, rumors of a sequel never came to fruition. Though no specifics of what happened to that team were ever given, the 2007 establishment of Codemaster's Guildford studio came at a potentially opportune time.

At the very least it presented an attractive enough opportunity for EA Criterion development director Adrian Bolton who moved over to manage the new Codemasters studio at its founding. Joining the Criterion vets on this new project are executive producer Tom Gillo, previously of Sony Computer Entertainment's London Studio, and senior producer Andrew Wilson who was in the same role on Split/Second at Blackrock.

The already 80-person team has been in full production on the new game for 12 months after selecting it from a number of prototypes. They are building on Codemasters' multi-platform EGO engine which powered DiRT, GRID, and most recently Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. No other information about the new game was given but it seems likely we can expect a debut at E3 this summer if not before.