BioShock 2 PC Not Getting Gamepad Support, Impending Widescreen Fix Detailed

By Chris Faylor, Feb 12, 2010 1:10pm PST As outraged fans continue to submerge BioShock 2 in a sea of controversy due its lack of official gamepad support, publisher 2K Games has definitively stated that it has no plans to add such support in a future patch.

Explained community manager 2K Elizabeth:

I talked to the dev team about controller support for BioShock 2, and I want to let you know that we won't be adding this into the game in a patch. The decision not to support the controller was not made lightly, and to add it now would take a complete re-envisioning of the UI that the team worked so hard to create.

I'm sorry for those of you who are disappointed, and I want you to know that your comments and concerns have been heard and will be taken in to account when we are planning in the future.

Prior to BioShock 2's release this week, the company had noted that the shooter sequel would not support controllers on PC in favor of getting "the mouse and keyboard control absolutely right." However, many were still caught unaware, especially as the original BioShock PC packed support for both gamepads and mouse and keyboard.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of BioShock 2, as previously noted, can be played with the console's respective gamepad, but not with a mouse and keyboard.

As for complaints that BioShock 2 PC doesn't properly support widescreen resolutions, the company has providing an explanation of how that particular issue cropped up again, along with a diagram of how it'll look after the impending patch:

When BioShock 2 shipped for PC players, it altered the vertical FOV for different monitor aspect ratios rather than the horizontal FOV. (For those of you who think in pictures, like me, different views looked like the image below, depending on your aspect ratio.)

We are fixing the FOV so that it expands horizontally in the first PC patch (currently in testing - I'll be posting more about it when an exact date for its release is set!) That means that now your view will expand on the right and the left if you have a widescreen monitor, and look like the image below.

We always meant to have our FOV expand horizontally, but a last minute bug fix for a related issue changed this back to a vertical FOV just before ship. We feel rather silly about this, and agree that horizontal expansion is much more awesome, and that you'll have it very soon.

Thanks again to Chris (again, not the one who wrote this article) for the heads up.

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  • All these people who are complaining about lack of gamepad support really should read. 2k were clear that they were not supporting gamepads, nor did they state any intention to do so in the future. As for technical difficulties, if you read the article that was on this website ages ago, h the founder of Stardock, Brad Wardell, said that he considered this problem to be the bane of PC gaming.

    Me, I'm indifferent between platforms, having a good PC and a 360, but I usually go for 360 where I can due to that very thing. I have NEVER put a game into my xbox and had it not work. Sure there are bugs, but standardized hardware makes it work.

    So to those of you complaining about technical difficulties, be patient and wait for the fix, or buy it on 360. Your issues are a side effect of your choice of platform.

    And to those who are 'outraged' over lack of gamepad support... I just don't have the words.

  • I'm sure this doesn't come up much, but I'm running into a strange bug with my 2 monitor setup.

    For one, the 1680x1050 res doesn't fit on my monitor...there's clearly horizontal spillage onto the second monitor, and there appears to be a bit cut off on the bottom, as though it's really slightly larger than 1680x1050. The other thing is that the first time I swap ammo (middle mouse button), the game jumps to my other monitor. Continuing to do so doesn't make it jump back.

    Neither are game-breaking, but has anyone else run into this?