Indie Ninja Robot Game 'Plain Sight' Gets Release Date

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Indie developer Beatnik Games has announced that its explosion-happy ninja robot deathmatch game Plain Sight will be released for download on PC on March 22, priced at $9.99.

Plain Sight involves bouncing around stylish little planetoids--with Super Mario Galaxy-style gravity--as a ninja robot, hacking other robots into pieces then exploding to 'bank' your points. The longer you go before banking, the higher your multiplier and the more you can 'splode but the greater the risk that you'll be taken out and lose your points. I had a play myself a while back and it was jolly good fun.

Up to twenty players can enjoy modes including deathmatch and the delightful-sounding 'Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Robozilla' on thirteen maps, with offline bot play also available.

Plain Sight will be available from Steam and "other digital download platforms" on March 22 for $9.99. PlayStation 3 and WiiWare versions are also in the works.

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