Red Dead Redemption Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

BOOM widget 125697It turns out that GameStop isn't the only retailer offering exclusive in-game content in exchange for a pre-order of Red Dead Redemption, as the game's official site has been updated with a breakdown of the various offers.

The good news is that Rockstar San Diego's open-world western doesn't hit PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 until April 27, so at the least you have time to consider your options:

    U.S. Retailers
    • GameStop - Exclusive In-Game Outfit
    • Amazon - Golden Guns Pack ("Increased Fame")
        plus $10 Amazon Gift Card
    • Best Buy - The War Horse ("Faster + Increased Damage")
    • GameCrazy - Exclusive Mini Guide
    • Target - $5 Target Gift Card
    • Walmart -$10 Walmart Gift Card
    • Rockstar Warehouse - Red Dead T-Shirt
    U.K. Retailers
    • Game - Deadly Assassin Outfit ("Increased Dead Eye Regeneration")
    • Amazon UK - The Golden Guns Pack ("Increased Fame")
    • HMV - The War Horse ("Faster + Increased Damage")
    • Zavvi - Exclusive Mini Guide