Aliens vs. Predator 'Hunter Edition' Bonus DLC Available to All 'Soon After Release'

The four exclusive multiplayer maps included in the premium-priced and goodie-filled Hunter Edition and UK-only Survivor Edition of Aliens vs. Predator "will become available to everybody else soon after release," developer Rebellion has clarified.

"Downloadable content on day one for those who purchase the special editions will consist of four brand new multiplayer maps: two new Survivor maps and two for the other multiplayer modes," design head Tim Jones explained to VG247. nope

It was previously stated that the maps would eventually be available to all owners of the shooter--due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 come February 16--but there had been no word on when or how much they might sell for, with the latter still unclear.

In all, the game packs seven multiplayer modes in addition to a single-player campaign for each of the three species, with multiplayer demos now available.