BioShock 2 PC Draws Protest over Lack of Official Gamepad Support

By Chris Faylor, Feb 10, 2010 8:35am PST While it had been previously disclosed that BioShock 2 PC would forgo any sort of official gamepad support in favor of getting "the mouse and keyboard control absolutely right," the exclusion has now drawn ire from those that bought the game unaware.

A 2K Forums thread on the matter has exploded since the underwater shooter sequel was officially released yesterday, including mentions of buyers remorse, an unofficial workaround, demands for a patch, and links to the inevitable petition.

"Not supporting the controller was not a decision that we made lightly," community manager 2K Elizabeth responded, with the company having explained:

We made quite a number of significant changes to UI / HUD for the PC version of the game. The decision was made early on not to support controllers at all in order to ensure that we got the mouse and keyboard control absolutely right. This of course required a redesign of large parts of the UI and the player HUD. For example, we removed the Weapons and Plasmid Selection Radials in favor of a custom created Weapons Selection Strip which more accurately reflects the keyboard layout.

Central to the complaints is the fact that the original BioShock PC supported gamepads in addition to mouse and keyboard, complete with a UI for either control scheme.

As one would expect, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the sequel use the console's respective controller, but can not be played with mouse and keyboard.

The release of BioShock 2 also brought with it complaints that the PC version doesn't properly support widescreen resolutions, though a fix is already on the way.

Thanks to Chris (not the one who wrote this article) for the heads up.

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  • My mind is blown. I can't believe people want to play the PC version with a gamepad. If this game is anything like when I played Uncharted 2 with a gamepad on my PS3 I hated the slow response of the analog stick when aiming and just looking around compared to the instant satisfaction of a mouse/keyboard. One reason I still 2000% prefer playing FPS/3rd person adventure on my PC. IMHO the gamepad is a fail in these genres.

    I did see some are playing on their tv with the PC which would lead you to possibly using a gamepad but at your computer desk? Seems like you'd be gimping yourself <shrug>

  • These companies can't win with PC gamers. First they complain when ports don't get decent mouse control, and then they complain when a company goes out of it's way to make sure the mouse control is properly supported. No wonder less and less companies are supporting the PC platform.

    I understand a few people may have wanted to use the controller, but this is an FPS on a PC, where the die hards are always saying keyboard and mouse reigns supreme!

    For the record i bought the original on the 360 and thought it was an amazing experience, but i think i will be grabbing the sequel on PC now that i have a setup that will run it.