Shack PSA: Trine PC Again $5 on Steam

If the opportunity to snag Frozenbyter's excellent platform-puzzler on the cheap has previously passed you by, good news! Trine PC is once again just $5 on Steam--that's 75% off--meaning that you have another few days to rectify the situation. nope

Representing the outlet's latest "Midweek Madness" sale, the discount is valid through Thursday, February 11. A separate sale, one that sees the price of various Total War games knocked down by some 66%, will be running through the end of the week.

And should you be the sort that wishes to play before they pay, a downloadable demo of Trine and its curious wizard can be found on FileShack and Steam. The game's also available on PlayStation 3 as a PlayStation Store download, though it runs $20.