BioShock 2 Chat Thread and Discussion

I'm coming along nicely with BioShock 2, having just entered Siren's Alley. I'm plodding along at a happy pace, making sure to uncover all audio logs, hidden treasures and pleasing watery vistas. Once I was out of the 'tutorial' levels, it all opened up quite nicely and I'm very glad to be back in Rapture--it's such a splendid place.

Those of you playing in widescreen on PC will be glad to hear that a "fix" is on the way to improve your vision. And don't forget, to hide spoiler-y material, encase the questionable content in question within o[spoiler tags]o, as demonstrated right there.

Here's all previous BioShock 2 coverage for reference. A half-dozen new short gameplay trailers also arrived yesterday and can be found over on FileShack.