echocrome Developer Announces echoshift for PSP

Artoon, the developer behind the perspective-bending puzzle game echochrome, has just announced a new puzzler for the Sony PSP called echoshift. Keeping with the reality-warping theme, the game introduces a time-twisting element that requires players to cooperate with past "echos" of themselves to complete a multitude of levels.


SCEA Santa Monica producer Tsubasa Inaba explains, "[ecoshift] is not a 'sequel' to 'echochrome,' but they are family." echoshift will include eight different worlds containing seven levels apiece. There will also be thirty different types of puzzles like "moving objects, doors controlled by switches, crumbling floors, and more!" The game also sports three different game modes called "cast," "key," and "illusion," which the announcement on the PlayStation.Blog describes thusly:

"Cast" mode challenges you to reach the level's exit within the time limit. When you first play, only "cast" mode is available, but you unlock the other two as you clear each mode. In "key" mode, the door at the goal is locked, so you will need to find the key before you can clear a level. Sometimes the key is hidden, so make sure to cooperate with your echoes to find it! Finally in "illusion" mode, you will be able to stop the timer briefly. When you stop time, each echo freezes, but you can still advance forward, plus you don't have to worry about gimmicks in your way! This feature can be also handy when you are running out of time near the goal.
The game's official webpage lists echoshift's release as "February 2010," and the announcement notes that more downloadable levels will be coming to the PlayStation Store in the future. That said, today's announcement only confirms that a free demo will be available this month, with no official word as to the game's release date or price.

BOOM video 3982 An early, working-title gameplay trailer for echoshift, called 'Replay.'