Capcom Teases Monster Hunter MMO for West

BOOM widget 92030 Though the Xbox 360 release of Monster Hunter MMO Frontier Online is only confirmed for Japan at the moment, publisher Capcom has implied that an overseas release is likely.

"I feel Monster Hunter can definitely succeed overseas," Capcom executive Keiji Inafune told Famitsu, as noted and translated by andriasang. "There's a high possibility that MHF will kickstart that."

After revealing that Monster Hunter Frontier was coming to Xbox 360 last week, Capcom cautioned that the game had not been confirmed for North America or Europe.

Were it to come over, Monster Hunter Frontier would be far from the first Monster Hunter release for North America or Europe--various PlayStation 2 and PSP versions have hit the territories, with Monster Hunter Tri due on Wii soon--though it would mark the first time that the MMO, which hit PC in 2007, would be available outside of Japan and Asia.