Aliens vs. Predator Marine Trailer Turns Out the Lights, PC Demo Matchmaking Fixed

In a double-whammy of Aliens vs. Predator news, developer Rebellion has apologised for matchmaking problems suffered by players of the PC demo while a new gameplay trailer explores a terrifying nightclub from the perspective of one poor Colonial Marine.

"Unprecedented demand for Aliens vs Predator... brought to light matchmaking issues on the PC platform resulting in players having to wait to join games, or even not find games at all," Rebellion says, relayed by a 'Community Monkey' at SEGA Europe.

"We're really sorry that this issue tainted a day in which we saw many people get hands on with AvP for the first time," the post apologies, saying that the problem has now been corrected by a patch which will auto-update on Steam when the game is launched.

AvP arrives for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on February 16 then for Europe on February 19. A multiplayer demo is out now for all three platforms.

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