Red Faction 4 Bumped Up, Saints Row 3 Delayed as THQ Revises Release Schedule

Publisher THQ has provided an updated glimpse of its release schedule across the next two years, revealing new release dates for some previously announced sequels.

In particular, the latest Red Faction and Saints Row have swapped released windows--destruction-centric shooter Red Faction 4 is now due before April 2011, while the open-world gangbuster Saints Row 3 is due to arrive before April 2012.

Also due before April 2011: Homefront, which already has a sequel planned, and a sequel to town-painting action game de Blob that's coming to unspecified platforms.

A breakdown of the company's major releases across the next two years, based on comments CEO Brian Farrell made during a recent conference call, follows:

As for the impending Warhammer 40,000 MMO--previously planned to launch no later than April 2012--THQ noted that the game will "fully unveil" at E3 2010 in June, but did not disclose if the game's release window has changed across the past year.