Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Ad is Surprisingly Classy

EA has given an advance look at the Dante's Inferno television commercial due to be shown during the Super Bowl on Sunday, revealing a somewhat different approach to marketing Visceral Games' blood-soaked adaptation of the revered epic poem.

Seemingly playing to an audience it believes more refined than your average video gamer, EA has cast aside the painfully snappy tagline "Go to Hell" in favour of the philosophical--and less controversy-courting--"Hell Awaits" and focuses more on a tale of love and damnation than demonic doors opened by stabbing them in the guts.

Dante's Inferno arrives for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 5 in Europe then February 9 in North America, followed by a PSP version later--retailers list February 23. Word has leaked that a DLC pack will bring online co-op and an editor on April 29.

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