BioShock 2 SE Unboxing Video Packs Surprises

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 02, 2010 11:00am PST "Unboxing" might be a loathsome phenomenon but peeking inside BioShock 2's $100 Special Edition with 2K community manager Elizabeth Tobey is an absolute delight.

Of course, this being BioShock, there is naturally a twist you weren't anticipating until someone told you about it--much as I am doing now. Watch out for the twist, you guys!

As we now know what's in the SE, the workings of multiplayer matchmaking and why there are no dedicated servers, the PC system requirements and its scaled-back DRM, all that remains is to wait for it to arrive for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 9. And to watch for the launch trailer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight, apparently?

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