Morning Discussion

Harry the otter was named Mayor of Blinkton-upon-Cholmondeley yesterday after the plucky mammal pulled seven children from the burning wreck of their canoe. The move has delighted residents including Dave Brompton, 27, who told us "Flippin' 'eck! 'e eats fish! Raw! Tha's 'orrible! 'e finks 'e's Japanese people hurr hurr!" before yanking on the poor chap's luxurious tail. We promptly kicked Mr. Brompton, 27, in in the shin.

In other news, the DSiWare store continues to be mostly trouble for me, refusing to let me download Q-Games' Starship Patrol and giving a most unhelpful error message. I have bought the game, now please let me download it. Thanks in advance, DSiWare.

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