Stargate Resistance Release Date Announced

BOOM widget 89842"The first Stargate PC shooter ever to come to market" will debut in downloadable form February 10, developer FireSky has revealed via the official Stargate Resistance site.

Priced at $19.99, the third-person multiplayer shooter is currently available for pre-order via Direct2Drive, which is offering up exclusive armor, weapons and emotes as a pre-order incentive. BOOM video 3928

But what of the Stargate Worlds MMO, which is being handled by FireSky parent Cheyenne Mountain and has been plagued by missed targets and funding issues? It's still coming, according to creative consultant Chris Klug, who recently wrote "I know you'll enjoy the fast-paced action Resistance has in store for you while we continue to work towards SGW's release" in a Stargate Resistance-centric developer diary.

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