'Totally New Pokemon Title' Revealed as Nintendo Lists Upcoming DS Games

By Chris Faylor, Jan 29, 2010 10:10am PST

It wasn't all Wii for Nintendo this morning, as a presentation and documents from company also listed its upcoming Nintendo DS games, including word from company president Satoru Iwata of "the first brand new Pokemon title in 4 years."

On top of the new Pokemon, due in Japan by the end of the year, Nintendo affirmed that long-awaited RPG sequel Golden Sun DS is expected to hit North America and Europe sometime in 2010, with the full breakdown of releases following below.

Of course, this isn't everything Nintendo has in the works. Iwata stressed that the company "values the 'freshness' of our product information" and noted that information on "major titles to be launched at year-end" is typically announced at E3 in June.

    Upcoming Nintendo Published DS Games

      America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking

        Japan: Not Listed

        North America: March 28, 2010

        Europe: Not Listed

      Famicom Wars DS 2

      Also known as Advance Wars DS 2

        Japan: TBA

        North America: Not Listed

        Europe: Not Listed

      Golden Sun DS

        Japan: TBA

        North America: 2010

        Europe: 2010

      Love Stories for Adults: DS Harlequin Selection

        Japan: February 25, 2010

        North America: Not Listed

        Europe: Not Listed

      Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver

        Japan: Released September 2009

        North America: March 14, 2010

        Europe: March 5, 2010

      Pokemon Ranger: Path of Light

        Japan: March 6, 2010

        North America: Not Listed

        Europe: Not Listed

      "Totally New Pokemon Title"

        Japan: 2010

        North America: TBA

        Europe: TBA

        In the words of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata:

        I'd like to introduce you to another new Pokemon title, which should become one of the most anticipated Nintendo DS titles for this year. The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo have been developing a new Pokemon title with the aim to launch the software this year.

        The cumulative global sales of all the Pokemon series software have reached 130 million. This new Pokemon software will become the first brand new Pokemon title in 4 years since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which sold more than 5.8 million units in Japan, was launched.

        Of course, this totally new Pokemon title will include new fields of adventure and a number of new Pokemons living there. As a totally new version, it will contain various unprecedented experiences.

      Picross 3D

        Japan: Released March 2009

        North America: TBA

        Europe: March 26, 2010

      WarioWare D.I.Y

      Also known as WarioWare: Do It Yourself

        Japan: Released April 2009

        North America: March 28, 2010

        Europe: TBA

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