Bayonetta Dev Unveils Resident Evil Creator's New Game 'Vanquish'

Bayonetta and MadWorld developer PlatinumGames has released a teaser trailer announcing 'Vanquish,' a new game directed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

The snazzy trailer by LOGAN--creator of the intro sequences for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Zombieland--shows a chap in an "Augmented Reaction Suit" engaged in combat with power armoured and robotic foes in the wake of a high-tech attack on the USA.

This is the first look at what Mikami has been working on since PlatinumGames was founded as 'Seeds' in 2007 by veterans of God Hand and Okami developer Clover.

Vanquish will be published by Sega--the last of the four-game deal Platinum signed with the publisher back in 2008. Neither a release date nor platforms were announced, though given Platinum's track record it's highly likely Vanquish will be a console title.

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