Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 29, 2010 5:00am PST After a hum-dinger of a week my weekend plans are to sleep as much as possible, waking up only to watch the Team Liquid Starleague StarCraft tournament broadcast at 1pm PST on Sunday. I had always found 'pro gaming' tiresome until I discovered StarCraft through GOM TV and now I can't get enough of it--watching StarCraft genuinely is hugely enjoyable and exciting. The TSL has good players motivated by a decent prize pool and fine commentary so I'll be watching and you should too.

I suppose I might also drag myself out of my cocoon for some Mass Effect 2. Maybe. I first have to finish another playthrough to get a save I want to import, though.

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  • Day of Defeat: Source Shackbattle Awards time!

    Rounding up the stats ( ) from last nights game:

    Quote of the Week: <something about killing Nazi Jews here>

    The most heroic players:
    01. "Running Currahee" award: Bunga ( 38 flags captured)
    02. "Get off my lawn" award: ArcKnight ( 11 flag captures blocked)
    03. "Future McVeigh" award: Bunga ( 7 bomb plantings)
    04. "Fetch Felix" award: sanchez ( 4 bomb defusions)
    05. "Rambo was a pussy" award: Bunga ( 162 kills [highest for the day])
    06. "Golden Shower" award: _jon ( 7 dominations earned against other players)

    The shamed players:
    07. "Bukkake" award: .Jayson ( 7 dominations received from other players)
    08. "Who trimmed my grenade fuses?" award: Dschinghis Khan ( 3 suicides)
    09. "I never really was on your side" award: