Shiren the Wanderer Trailer Explains New Difficulty Settings

A new walkthrough trailer for ChunSoft's turn-based RPG, Shiren the Wanderer, has arrived in advance of its upcoming North American release. Along with an overview of the game's story, it digs into the gameplay and to explains how some of the rogue-like elements have been softened for the Western release.

BOOM video 3842

Released in Japan in June of 2008, the pending North American iteration retains all forty-plus hours of gameplay chock full of randomly generated dungeons and step-per-turn combat. In response to the crushing difficulty of earlier games in the series which exacted a harsh punishment for dying in the dungeons, this latest version includes an "easy" mode. When playing this way your character returns to the state from their previously saved game, with all items and earned levels intact.

Shiren the Wanderer comes out in North America on February 9th, exclusively for the Nindendo Wii. You can check out the other two trailers here.