Record of Agarest War 'Really Naughty Limited Edition' Mouse Pad Boobs Make Us Die Inside

BOOM widget 363075 A mouse pad with fake breasts; a pillowcase bearing the likeness of a distressed anime girl; box art with young ladies in the nip--these are some of the horrific items found in a 'Really Naughty Limited Edition' of Record of Agarest War, publisher Aksys Games has announced.

Hitting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this spring, it certainly seems that the strategy RPG developed jointly by Compile Heart, RED Entertainment and Idea Factory will deliver the promised "cornucopia of debauchery."

However PlayStation 3 perverts will be sorry to hear that the despicable $60 'Really Naughty Limited Edition' is exclusive to Xbox 360, as the PS3 version is download-only.

As a former colleague would no doubt sigh in this situation, "video games."

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