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By Alice O'Connor, Jan 27, 2010 5:00am PST If you're in North America, hopefully you got to spend the evening wining and dining Mass Effect 2, thrilling it with a well-stocked cheeseboard--how's your romance going?

How do Garnett's first impressions stack up against your own? Which class did you settle on in the end? Who are your favourite party members so far?

Me, I'm still waiting for Mass Effect 2 to come out, hopefully never checking this thread. Do remember you can hide spoilers in your posts by o[enclosing them in Shacktags like this]o. Those who are not as far in the game as you will be awfully grateful. And for reference, all our pre-release coverage is under the handy Mass Effect 2 tag

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  • I see a lot of negative commentary with regards to the gameplay being dumbed down for ME2. I have yet to play the game since I live in Europe (release tomorrow), but I honestly think that all these changes sound very good.

    In my opinion, it sounds more like distilling the game into its core essence rather than dumbing down. After having played through most Bioware RPGs since BGII, I am increasingly fed up with the unnecessary complications in these games that I think are archaic leftovers rather than valuable additions to gameplay. Examples include
    - lockpicking that forces you to bring along an otherwise dull companion.
    - identify scrolls (Diablo/Torchlight). This is just retarted.
    - inventory limits combined with looting for items that you bring back to sell to get more cash. Grinding in itself can be cool, but the trips back to town are not.
    - potion mania: Using more time on timing potions than on gameplay as well as dying because you bought 12 potions when you needed just one more.
    - vast skill trees without a clear logic on specialization. Combined with no respeccing, this is devastating for first time playthrough. Dragon Age, I'm looking at you (even though I loved you with warts and all). Rather, make a logical skill tree with interesting branches.

    When I think of it, I do not regards RPG as a gameplay type along the same lines as FPS, RTS or beat-em-up. RPG is more of an additional mechanic that can overlay all of these games and add immersion, replayability and depth. Historically, though, the term RPG have been associated with 3rd person overhead view tactical gameplay. However, I think it fits just as well with beat-em-ups (think Diablo/GoW hybrid), FPS (Borderlands, Fallout 3) or RTS (DoW2).

    In my opinion, we need to skip the real-life-simulator-mechanics that do not add to the core gameplay and story. Hopefully, this is what ME2 does - I'll see tomorrow.

  • Everyone name one step up, and one step down between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2.

    Additionally, rate them on a scale of -5 through +5

    Step up: The gun play feels solid. I don't think you have to be an idiot to appreciate the weapons feeling so real. Even when you miss, it seems like it's your fault for not aiming right., not the games.

    Step Down: Seriously, just because you thought that the inventory system would be better off on the ship, which actually makes sense, doesn't mean that 'things' don't exist after two years.

    There is a powerful mechanic to induce exploring in the finding of new equipment. This system isn't stream-lined, it's gone.

    There really isn't an excuse for the scale reduction here ... okay, I have not noticed the weapons changing as I add things onto them, that at least would have made me feel like I was progressing.

    I've obviously named a few obvious subjects

  • People Who Didn't Get Their Pre-Order Codes

    So when I picked up my pre-order from EB Games (Gamestop), they told me that they ran out of codes and couldn't get anymore in. However, when I talked to another EB Games employee at a different store, they told me that this shouldn't be possible.

    Even though it seems like a minor thing, it pissed me off enough to call customer service today and they resolved the issue. They'll ask for a sale and store number along with your e-mail address, and will file a complaint against the store as well as send you a pre-order code.


    For Canada call:
    (877) 442-6303
    Wait on the line for English, then hit 4

    For the USA (and possibly Canada) call:
    (800) 883-8895
    Hit 4

    TL;DR If you don't have your EB/Gamestop pre-order code, get your receipt and call support to receive one.

  • Picked up Archangel, Mordin, and Jack so far. I have to say the mission to grab Jack was short (took me about 30 minutes I think) but pretty intense, with the final battle sequence I actually died and had to replay it. I am playing on Veteran, but I am thinking of bumping it down to Normal.

    A lot has been said about this being a suicide mission, and I am rethinking my urge to allow my RPG OCD to take over and do *everything* on my first run through so there is something new to see when I play the game again. I am sorta tempted to barrel through the story and fail just so when I replay it I can take the time to see the stuff I missed. But its really hard for me not to do it all right now. As it is, I talk to my crew (all of them, including Dr Chakwas and Joker) between every mission.

    I love this game. For all the streamlining they did to the action elements, they really kept the feel of an RPG. Talk to EDI and Joker, for instance, and you can see there is a lot more there that you will have to work out of her over the course of the game.

  • Pre-ordering from Amazon is a bad idea if you're about to move. I preordered ME2 before I knew for sure if I was going to close on my house. In all of the busy stuff I forgot about ME2 so it is shipping to my old apartment. I can't be there to sign for it, for various reasons.

    Amazon e-mails me saying that UPS couldn't deliver. It says this:
    If necessary, please contact UPS at 1-800 PICK UPS (1-800-742-5877) or to make alternate delivery arrangements.

    So, I do that. I speak with a woman at UPS who seems angry with me even before I've said a word. She explains the stuff that can be done which includes doing nothing and it goes back to the shipper, paying $6 to change the address or paying $2 and changing the address online. I explain I cannot do the first and last suggestions due to schedule and because I do not have internet at home (just at work).

    I agree to the $6 and about five seconds later she tells me that I am shipping with a restricted shipper. She doesn't say anything after that. I tell her "ok i have no idea what you're referring to. please explain." She says that amazon specifically prohibits UPS from making address changes and she says I would need to call them to see if they can change it.

    So now I can call amazon, drive to UPS or do nothing and let it go back. I have amazon call me and they basically explain the same thing as above. I then explain how UPS said that they might be able to make the change on their end. Based on what the person says next I know I've already wasted my time. She asks me for the correct address and then calls UPS. I am sure the angry ups woman and confused offshore woman had a hilarious conversation but in the end its all the same crap.

    Back to amazon it goes. I suppose I will just get it from steam or drive to the store for it. Bleh.