Darksiders Xbox 360 Patch Arrives Tomorrow

Vigil Games' apocalyptic action-adventure, Darksiders, was released earlier this month to generally favorable reviews. Unfortunately, a significant number of folks who picked up the Xbox 360 version were subjected to unsightly screen-tearing problems.


Since the game hit store shelves, Vigil has been working on an update to fix the problem. According to the official Darksiders website, the patch is finished and will go live at 2AM PST on Wednesday. Once the patch is live, Darksiders will update automatically through Xbox LIVE the next time the game is played.

I experienced the screen tearing problem firsthand, and while it isn't game-breaking, it is prevalent and annoying enough that I temporarily shelved the game in anticipation of this fix. Kudos to the folks at Vigil for staying on the ball.