Mass Effect 2 Launch Media Introduces Zaeed, Mordin

BOOM widget 91927 With Mass Effect 2 released in North America today, BioWare has launched one final media assault with two trailers showing party members Zaeed--part of a DLC bundle included free with new copies--and Mordin as well as screenshots of everything from returning characters to various types of snazzy headgear.

The final two chapters of SyFy's star-studded 'Sci vs, Fi' Mass Effect 2 documentary were also released, with parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 all available from FileShack.

The PC and Xbox 360 sci-fi RPG sequel arrives in Europe on Friday. Here at Shacknews we have a dedicated Mass Effect 2 discussion post for all your ME2 chatting needs.

BOOM video 3778

The second trailer introduces grizzled and scarred mercenary Zaeed.

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