Mass Effect 2 Launch Day Discussion

BOOM widget 91226Mass Effect 2 is out in North America today and a Shacknews tradition has returned in this handy post for you to discuss BioWare's sci-fi RPG with your fellow Shackers. Garnett has been beavering away and will have some thoughts of his own to share soon too.

Did you rush out for a copy at midnight? PC or Xbox 360? How are you enjoying the reworked combat? What surprises or pleases you most about Mass Effect 2 so far? Who did you decide to kill, save or lamp square in the chops when they asked too many awkward questions?

Please do bear in mind that not everyone is necessarily as far as you, so you should still spoiler tag where appropriate. Shacktags can be confusing but you simply need to open your spoiler with o[ and close it with ]o, like o[this, do you see?]o Then when you post, that'll automatically be converted into a hidden spoiler. Cheers!