Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Media Details SP

By Alice O'Connor and Chris Faylor, Jan 25, 2010 11:10am PST Fresh off this morning's new trailer and revelation of a multiplayer mode limited to GameStop pre-orders, another blast of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 media just arrived from developer DICE and publisher EA, this one focused on single-player.

And if you just can't wait until the game's official March 2 release on PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, don't fret too much--another multiplayer beta, this one on PC, is set to kick off in a few days, with pre-ordering said to be "the most sure fire way" of getting in.

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  • I'm new to the BC franchise. How does multiplayer work.... like a typical Dice Battlefield game? Is there a separate SP campaign unrelated to the MP, kind of like MW?

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    • i'm bored so i'll shoot...

      I haven't played BF anything since 1942, but in the PS3 beta there was only one map type where you either pushed forward into enemy territory or defended and fell back, so there was only one static spawn location worth selecting to spawn at, although it moved throughout the course of a match. (Defenders couldn't recap lost points.) However, you can select to spawn next to a squadmate (not entire team) if you have any alive, which definitely wasn't in 1942, and was a nice way of getting back into the action fast.

      I am guessing other game/map types might be like more traditional BF where you select from a number of spawn points, although honestly, I loved the map type from the Beta a lot more than their "traditional" style of scattered capture points.

      As far as the SP campaign, I don't think it has a coop mode, and i dont know if the MP maps have recognizable sections of the SP campaign. Probably just shared tilesets (jungle, desert, snow, etc.) since the map I played was excellent, and designed very very intentionally for MP team vs team.

      The rest:
      -class selection as per usual
      -an unlock-upgrades-via-experience system (im told its lighter-weight than MW2's system?)
      -loadout customization options grow with unlocks, (primary, secondary, 2 personal perks, 1 vehicle-related perk)
      -some weapon customization unlockables, like reflex sights
      -ground vehicles play a strong role but are not required to kick-ass (beta lacked flying vehicles, so not much info for you there).

      What impressed me most about the PS3 beta was the feeling of being effective, contributing to the team, and accomplishing things, despite sucking ass at console shooters and being a total newbie to BC2. I was actually confused at the end of my first few rounds, because my score sucked ass but I felt like I was doing great. I don't really know how DICE managed to deliver the quality of experience i had with the PS3 beta. (Part of it probably had to do with everyone being newbies?)

      I am hoping it translates well to PC and that it remains consistently good after release as the community has grown more and has stabilized in its ratio of hardcore-to-newbie players.