Star Trek Online Media Barrage off the Starboard Bow

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 22, 2010 7:30am PST Cryptic Studios has fired another round of Star Trek Online screenshots and continues its relentless assault of montage trailers for the PC Star Trek MMORPG with a further three videos.

Due to be released on February 2, Star Trek Online is currently in closed beta. Several pre-order subscription deals are now on offer, including a $240 lifetime sub which packs an exclusive Liberated Borg playable race.

The first of our terrific trailer trio showcases the PvP-centric Klingon faction, who players must unlock by reaching a certain point on the Federation side--taking about five hours.

Next up is a look at the 'Vigilant' Federation ship class, a shapely Defiant-inspired beast.

Lastly, hey! The Cardassians! What splendid fish-shaped ships they have. A majestic school of space-goldfish, blowing space-laser bubbles. Warning--they nip.

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  • Are you on drugs people ? I am a gamer and star trek fan for the last 25 years and this is truly an abomination with every meaning of the world.IT was made simply to milk star trek fans from their money and is truly an insult to every gamer out there.
    You see this piece of shit started wayyyy back with a company called Perpetual.Those people truly had a dream about making the greatest star trek game ever and working on the principles of Earth and Beyond the best space mmo ever made they were making something truly special.Just search for some early real time engine renders and you'll be amazed by the lost potential of this game.SAdly they went over their heads and the company went bankrupt.
    Then Crypric took over the ip throwed in the garbage all the hard work and the engine Perpetual made and copy pasted star trek textures and made some models for the 2001 pile of crap engine they had for city of heroes.Many people outcried when they saw the first trailer of the game but Cryptic lied that those were some early renders with the finished game looking amazing.Then the removed played crews and then they removed ship and bases real time interiors from the game.Everybody was shocked and asked for them to put them back and Cryptic LIED AND SAID ( I PERSONALLY HAD MAID A POST THAT WAS ANSWEARED BY CRAIG) THAT THEY WOULD INCLUDE THEM PROPERLY IN A LATER DATE-BUT THEN AFTER EVERYBODY STOPPED POSTING ABOUT THE INTERIORS THEY ANNOUNCED THAT THE SPACE IS NOT 3D BUT 2D GRID MAP BASED...............THEN IT WAS CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT THE REASON FOR NO INTERIORS WAS BECAUSE THEIR ENGINE COULD NOT HANDLE MOVING CHARACTER THROUGH VECHICLES...AND COULD NOT RENDER LARGE AREAS WITH SMOOTH TRANSITIONS ONLY INSTANCES THUS THE 2D SPACE....

    THE GAME IS A JOKE.I have played them all,Earth and beyong,Freespace 1,2,wing commander 1-5,privateer,elite,freelancer,x-wing,tie fighter,i-war ,tarr etc....

    This game is not even 3d.....and the space part is just a clickfest with cooltimers..........just WRITE ON YOUTUBE STO FIRST HOUR/S AND SEE ON FULL HD GLORY HOW BAD THE GAME IS