Star Trek Online Media Barrage off the Starboard Bow

BOOM widget 91609 Cryptic Studios has fired another round of Star Trek Online screenshots and continues its relentless assault of montage trailers for the PC Star Trek MMORPG with a further three videos.

Due to be released on February 2, Star Trek Online is currently in closed beta. Several pre-order subscription deals are now on offer, including a $240 lifetime sub which packs an exclusive Liberated Borg playable race.

The first of our terrific trailer trio showcases the PvP-centric Klingon faction, who players must unlock by reaching a certain point on the Federation side--taking about five hours.

BOOM video 3752

Next up is a look at the 'Vigilant' Federation ship class, a shapely Defiant-inspired beast.

BOOM video 3753

Lastly, hey! The Cardassians! What splendid fish-shaped ships they have. A majestic school of space-goldfish, blowing space-laser bubbles. Warning--they nip.

BOOM video 3751