Resident Evil 5 DLC Shots: High Kicks, Low Blows

Alongside two new episodes and an assortment of new costumes, the forthcoming deluge of Resident Evil 5 downloadable content will also bring with it a new version of the game's Mercenaries Mode that packs more playable characters and weapons.

Among these new characters? Busty antagonist Excella Gionne, as seen below.

Mercenaries Renunion's Excella Gionne and the new Desperate Escape episode.

The downloadable content hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in two waves--the first on February 17, the second March 3--with each wave containing a costume pack at 160 Microsoft Points ($2) and a new episode at 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

The content will also be bundled with a Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5, due at North American retailers on March 9, with Capcom having no plans for PC DLC.