Shack PSA: Men of War Games 66% Off on Steam, BioShock Free with BioShock 2 PC Pre-Order

Sticking with the "midweek madness" initiative, digital distributor Steam has revealed that all Men of War (PC) games will be 66% off through Thursday, January 21.

In other words, the first entry in 1C Company, Digitalmindsoft and Best Way's historical strategy series can be had at $5.09, the expansion-turned-sequel Red Tide is $8.49, and Men of War: Gold Edition, which bundles the two, is currently $11.89.

Men of War and BioShock 2

Of course, $11.89 is a fair chunk of change to drop on something you haven't tried--fortunately, we've got demos of both Men of War and Red Tide on FileShack.

In related news, Steam opened pre-orders for 2K Marin's underwater shooter sequel BioShock 2 today, offering 10% off and a free copy of the original BioShock. And should you already own BioShock on Steam, you can gift that extra copy to a friend.