HL2 Mod 'Jailbreak: Source' Brings Dino-Prison Break

BOOM widget 91289 While countless mods have offered 'jailbreak' modes over the years, the new release of The Orange Box mod Jailbreak: Source presents it in a very unconventional way--pitting robots against dinosaurs. The 400MB download of Version 0.6 can be found over on FileShack.

Jailbreak revolves around capturing enemy robots/dinosaurs by killing them while fighting to break out your own imprisoned comrades, who can also try to escape through hazardous routes filled with wacky traps.

A perk system offers bonuses including a double-jump, cloaking and a 'wallhack,' purchased with earned points. The mod also delivers dino-tastic versions of those other modding community favourites, football--'Deathball' here--and king of the hill.

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