Hellgate: London Returning to North America, Europe

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 18, 2010 11:05am PST Flagship's ill-fated post-Apocalyptic MMORPG Hellgate: London will relaunch in North America, HanbitSoft announced today after securing the worldwide publishing rights.

The publisher picked up the rights from the action RPG's North American and European publisher Namco Bandai, who had continued running Hellgate's servers for several months after Flagship's demise but ultimately shut them down in February, 2009.

HanbitSoft has continued to develop and operate Hellgate: London in South Korea and recently launched a revamped version with a free-to-play option under the name of Hellgate: Resurrection. The publisher says this will be rolled out this year, "starting with China, Taiwan, and South East Asia followed by North America, Europe, and Japan."

Flagship's other MMORPG 'Mythos'--which was only ever playable in closed beta--is also slated for a US release courtesy of Hanbitsoft's fellow T3 Entertainment subsidiary Redbana, who are planning to make the fantasy action RPG free-to-play.

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  • I was a subscriber for 3 months, it wasn't a bad game, and i liked the weapons, mods and such. It was just the same damn environments repeated over and over again that got to me in the end. The subscriber/expansion territories were a nice change in pace from the original content, but at that point I was just so bored with it all, it just didn't matter anymore. I cancelled and that was that.

    Kinda dissapointing really, ARPG-FPS's are a rare thing. I had hoped Borderlands was gonna be the answer to my cravings for such, but it did not sate either. At this point, I doubt there will ever be a PC focused ARPG-FPS made unless it comes out of left field from an indie. Here's to hoping.

    It's tempting though sometimes just to re-install the single player for the fuck of it, if for any reason just to see how the DX10 component runs on a gtx 285; I was using an 8800 back when I played it last.

  • Holly shit is it freeking Christmas again? First the ARPG FF game video now my beloved HG:L is returning!

    No matter all the hate the game got from certain people they had the best loot system out of any game. I am a huge HG:L fan played it so much its not even funny (sp), just before they took down the test server where I had my Dark Form Morph spell that was to be added in a patch with new spells and loot grades... looks like I may get to play it yet it in all its glory (yes its not the best game but as far as loot, cool spells, great shooter, awesome lvling it sure did satisfy way before Mass Effect and Too Human came out that was sorta like it to fill the si fi void)

    Man you guys are rocking the news good stuff :)