Mass Effect 2 Media Blast: Dev Diary, Armour Customisation, Screens and Space-Brassieres

BOOM widget 91235 With Mass Effect 2's launch now only days away, BioWare has released a huge wodge of trailers and screenshots for the sci-fi RPG sequel.

New screenshots show everything from the Blood Dragon Armor available only through new copies of Dragon Age: Origins to customised armour--further detailed in a new developer diary--and roaring monsters to companion characters posing coolly.

On the moving pictures front, the first of three new trailers is a developer diary delving into armour customisation, side-missions and galactic exploration, among other topics.

BOOM video 3661

Following that, we have Commander Shepard himself--sadly BioWare showcases its generic video game male lead-looking Shepard--explaining his motivations, much as his companions Miranda, Subject Zero, Grunt and Thane have before him.

BOOM video 3660

Lastly, this final trailer might be an advert for a SyFy television special but it contains new footage of the game and its stars as well as a glimpse at the future of undergarments. BOOM video 3662

Mass Effect 2 arrives in North America for PC and Xbox 360 on January 26, hitting Europe on January 29. Players will be able to import saved games from the original Mass Effect to carry key plot decisions over into the sequel.