NPD Lists Top Console, PC Games of 2009

Compiling the various sales figures of its monthly reports, marketing research firm The NPD Group has issued its take on the best-selling games at U.S. retail in 2009. nope

In all, the United States video game industry brought in $20.2 billion during 2009.

The console hardware, software and accessories market saw revenues of "close to" $19.66 billion--down 8% over 2008's $21.4 billion--while retail PC game revenue came in at $538 million, a 23% decline. Meanwhile, retail software sales across consoles, portable and PCs were down by 11%--racking up $10.5 billion in 2009 versus 2008's $11.7 billion--with ESA president Michael Gallagher expecting "a strong 2010 with a pipeline full of highly-anticipated titles" as "our industry's structure is solid."