Nintendo Denies Motion-Sensing DS Successor, Says New Wii Zelda Out 'When It's Perfect'

Nintendo has denied that its eventual successor to the DS will feature motion-sensing and stepped back from a supposed launch frame for the new Wii Legend of Zelda title.

A recent interview with CEO Satoru Iwata in Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun reportedly revealed details on the inevitable but as-yet unannounced handheld, but Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta has told Kotaku that "The answer to the reporter's question was misinterpreted."

"Mr. Iwata did not make any comments regarding the functions of Nintendo's future hardware systems," Scibetta outright denied.

Asahi Simbun also reported that the untitled next Wii Legend of Zelda title would be released this year, which Kotaku noticed on the latest episode of Wii's Nintendo Week show that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime would not commit to anything.

"The key message that [creator] Mr. Miyamoto and [producer] Mr. Iannuma is telling us is that it really has to be perfect when it launches," said Fils-Aime, assuring "know that the Zelda title for Wii will come out when it's perfect"--though that could still be this year.